Companies to work for when you’re broke and want to travel


What is Xanterra?: Xanterra is a company that focuses on providing many tourists with food services and lodging in National Parks all around the US. They do not only provide a job, they provide a once in a life time experience.

• Locations: Yellowstone National Park, Crater Lake, Zion National Park, Glacier National Park, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park, Death Valley National Park and more.

• Types of jobs available: Seasonal and Full time. Culinary, Food Services, Retail, Customer Service, Sales, Administrative Services, Transportation, Finance and Accounting, Marketing and Communications, Hotel and Lodging, Human Resources, Warehouse, Project Management and more.

• Employee housing: Xanterra provides employees with dormitory style housing. The price for your room varies per park. For example, when I worked in the Grand Canyon, I paid $80 a month for a shared room. In Yellowstone, I pay about $400 a month for my room and food. Rent will automatically come out of your paycheck.

• Meals: Meal prices vary per location as well. In the Grand Canyon, Xanterra provided their employees with a pay as you go cafe with a variety of food from $2-$6 a meal. In Yellowstone, the price of our food just comes out of our paycheck with rent and we are served every day a variety of different food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

• My opinion: I personally love working for Xanterra. I have had some amazing experiences with them and have worked for them for 3 seasons now. I recommend them to everyone. Good money, room for promotion, no experience necessary and they always make sure you have time off to explore the park. Read more about my experience with Xanterra and why I think you should work for them too.

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Delaware North

What is Delaware North?: Delaware North is an awesome company who owns many locations around the world from islands near the Great Barrier Reef to baseball stadiums to airports to national parks like the Sequoias, Yellowstone and Grand Canyon and more.

• Locations: All over the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

• Types of jobs available: Seasonal and Full time. Food and Beverage, Gaming and Racing, Lodging and Recreation, Retail and more.

• Employee housing: Only the remote locations will have employee housing which is typically a shared dormitory. The price varies per location and will come right out of the employee’s paycheck.

• Meals: I believe that most remote locations will have a pay as you eat meal plan. Contact HR for the best details about your location.

• My opinion: From what I know of his company, I really enjoy it. I think it’s an awesome company that provides a lot of amazing opportunities for you to live and work in places where people typically pay thousands of dollars to visit.

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What is Aramark?: Aramark is a pretty cool company that provides food services and more in beautiful locations.

• Locations: All over the USA and Canada. They have awesome locations from Yosemite National Park to Lake Powell to Alaska to on a boat in Lake Tahoe and many more.

• Types of jobs available: Seasonal and hourly positions. Culinary, Food Services, Facilities, Retail, Customer Service, Sales, Administrative Services, Transportation, Finance and Accounting, Logistics, Marketing, Communications, Hotel, Lodging, Recreation, Human Resources, Warehouse, Project Management and more.

• Employee housing: Some locations will provide room and board at varying costs which will be taken out of the employee’s paycheck. While applying for a position, the job posting should state whether or not they will provide you with housing.

• Meals: Chances are if they provide with housing, they will provide you with meals or a communal kitchen. Talk to HR or ask in your interview.

• My opinion: Unfortunately, my experiences with this company have not been the greatest although I am sure some locations are better and more organized than others.

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Vail Resorts

What is Vail Resorts?: Vail resorts focuses on ski resorts and providing amazing experiences for their guests whether it be on the mountain or in a restaurant.

• Locations: All over the US, Australia, and Canada. Vail, Beaver creek, Whistler, Breckenridge, Keystone, Park City, Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood, Park City, Perisher and more.

• Types of jobs available: Full time and seasonal. There are jobs on the mountain from ski lift operator, ski instructor, transportation, ski rentals, retail, lodging, restaurant work and more. They have winter and summer positions.

• Employee housing: Most locations provide their full-time employees with housing. Again, price varies per location and housing is limited in a lot of their locations.

• Meals: I believe most locations will just provide you with a communal kitchen. It is best to contact HR or ask in your interview before heading to your location so that you can budget in food costs.

• My opinion: They can be a really nice company to work for. If you want to spend your winter skiing or snowboarding or spend your summer in a beautiful mountain town or you just want to enjoy some time outside of your home town then this company is perfect for you.

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